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Meet Veronica Ross, RMT

Veronica rossRegistered massage therapist Veronica found her calling after exploring various post-school avenues. Her drive to help clients alleviate stress and tension and her desire for a stress-free working environment led her to this profession. The joy and satisfaction she gets from seeing her clients feel rejuvenated and relieved from pain make her work deeply rewarding.

Education & Techniques

Veronica trained at the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Saskatoon to prepare for her career. She specializes in deep tissue massage, focusing on the deeper layers of muscle to address chronic pain and tension. She incorporates joint mobilizations and active techniques to improve her clients’ mobility and range of motion. Veronica has advanced training in TMJD and headache focused massage. She enjoys working on the muscles affecting the jaw, especially intra-oral treatments.

Enjoying a Positive Work Environment

Working at our bustling clinic, Veronica enjoys a dynamic and fulfilling professional life. Our practice’s central location contributes to its busy nature, providing her with a fully booked schedule of clients who appreciate her expertise.

Veronica has received many compliments from clients, including comments like, “I’ve been to many therapists, and that’s the best treatment I’ve received.” Other clients have commented that they’ve had a greater range of motion and significantly less pain. Veronica enjoys finding like-minded individuals with whom she can vibe in her space. “I give them exactly what they need to help them feel better in their daily lives.”

Collaborating With Our Chiropractors

Veronica collaborates closely with our chiropractors, allowing for comprehensive health plans where she can refer clients to the chiropractors for alignment issues and vice versa.

Outside-the-Practice Interests

When she’s not at the practice, Veronica often spends time with her dachshund. She and her boyfriend also enjoy riding their motorcycle and other outdoor activities.  Spending time with close friends and family is also important to her. Veronica practices what she preaches and gets a maintenance massage at least once a month to “keep feeling good.”

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Whether you’re seeking less pain or greater mobility, contact Central Avenue Health Centre today to schedule a session with Veronica!


Veronica Ross, RMT | (306) 651-2225