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What Should I Do After My Massage?

Massage around spineWhether you have a relaxing or therapeutic massage there are some things you should do afterward to get the most benefits out of your massage.

Drink Plenty of Water

We all know how important staying hydrated is in general. It’s particularly crucial right after your massage and for the next few hours to days. Drinking water helps to rehydrate your tissues.

Kick the Caffeine

You may wonder why this one is important. Because caffeine is a diuretic, you will have to go to the bathroom more. The more you go to the bathroom, the more you dehydrate yourself, which dehydrates the muscles. So that’s why we recommend no caffeine following a massage. It’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol, which is also a diuretic.

Eat a Healthy Meal

Proper nutrition is important to give the body what it needs to function optimally.

Avoid Painkillers

In a massage, depending on the type of massage, there could be some inflammation. If you take a painkiller (which tends to mask pain) to decrease that inflammation and then, for example, do yard work or go to the gym, you may overexert your muscles and reinjure them. So avoid taking painkillers.

Take a Warm Shower or Bath

Once you get home, a nice, warm bath or shower is a way to extend your relaxation. The gentle pressure from the water provides compression which helps remove lactic acid and aid in recovery of muscles. If you take a bath consider adding some Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to the bath which will help to ease any aches and pains.

Release Your Emotions

Often, after a massage, people feel a rush of emotions, such as happiness or grief, which they have long been holding on to. If you feel like crying, it’s okay. Conversely, if you feel extremely happy and want to sing or dance, that’s great too. It’s all about feeling free to release your emotions which can help you feel better.


After your massage, completing the recommended stretches by your massage therapist is very beneficial. This will help keep the muscles loose and is good practice to ensure you don’t forget the stretches you were given.


After your massage, you’ll likely feel blissfully relaxed. Why not continue that relaxation by resting? Whether you enjoy curling up with a good book, watching some TV or taking a nap, resting will help to extend that lovely sense of well-being.

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