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What Should I Expect at My First Massage?

Man receiving neck massageIf you’re new to massage, rest assured that we aim to provide patients with a positive experience at every session. Our massages are all custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of each person.

Case History

When you arrive, we’ll have you fill out a case history form and massage consent form.

Your massage therapist will come and greet you. Once in a private treatment room they’ll ask if you have any conditions on the health history form that would affect your massage. If needed, we will provide a physical assessment. Next, we’ll walk you through the process of how the massage works, how you will need to get undressed to your comfortability and how the draping is used. During most treatments, a person will be under the covers mainly undressed with shirt and pants off, depending on the areas being massaged. You will be appropriately draped at all times. For optimal results, skin-on-skin contact is best.

The Massage

You would be instructed to cover up with a sheet or blanket and either lie face down or face up depending on the area that’s being treated. Your therapist will step out of the room to give you time to get undressed and will knock before entering the room.

Throughout your massage, you will be draped at all times, exposing only the areas such as the back or leg that will be worked on. Some patients will be required to turn onto their back after the first portion of the massage. If this is required, the massage therapist will hold the sheet up to allow you to turn over. If you’re getting a neck massage, for example, we will let you know that your collar bone will be exposed. If you want to have your arms out from under the blanket, you’re more than welcome to, or you can leave them under.

Home Care Instructions

After your massage, you will be given time to get dressed in private and the therapist will return to the room when you’re done.

Next, you will be given home care instructions. These include hydrating with plenty of water and taking a warm shower or bath to help rehydrate the muscles after a massage. Why is that important? Lactic acid is released from the muscles during a massage. We want to flush that out as soreness and muscle tension may result from the lactic acid release. That warm shower or bath flushes it out of the system. Stretches and exercises will be provided to help keep the muscles loose rather than letting them tighten up in between massages. Most people carry tension in their shoulders daily.

We also will give you some stretches to do and let you know how to recover from delayed onset muscle soreness after your massage. This soreness will happen less and less as you receive regular massage therapy.

It’s also a good idea to rest after your massage.

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