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Back Pain; Is Surgery or Medication the Right Path for Me?

woman sitting at a desk with back painSurgery and medication are both extreme ways to treat back pain. They do have their place in horrific accidents that require immediate, life-saving intervention; however they should not be the first port of call. These extreme methods should be reserved for a ‘house fire’.

When there is a house fire, things are out of control. You need a firefighter to come through with his axe (to chop down whatever may be blocking an exit) and the fire hose (to saturate/extinguish the contents). At the end of the day the house may have irreversible damage; or at the very least, will require some rehabilitation.


Surgery is like the firefighters cutting down a door to save whoever is trapped inside. It is effective in saving the person, but that door will never be the same. Surgery changes the anatomy of the body and will cause it to function differently. Titanium rods to treat scoliosis should only be used as a last resort (if there are heart or lung related problems). Seeking this option when it is not necessary, or waiting for it to become necessary is troubling for many reasons! Simple movements such as bending down or twisting will be difficult, and chronic pain can be the result of surgery. There are more conservative methods of treatment that are proven to be effective, including chiropractic treatments and massage therapy.


Medication is like the hose spraying over every surface to eliminate the fire. The water doesn’t just splash onto the fire but soaks everything. Medication is the same; you may be taking it for one reason but it will affect several other processes in the body. This often affects otherwise healthy tissue and causes other problems in the body (side effects).

Chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture are safe and effective methods to treat a multitude of issues. Don’t choose an extreme option, take the rational option and see us instead! Contact us to schedule an appointment with our experienced team today.


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