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Clothing Drive

Smiling sisters in fallCentral Avenue Health Centre is a Clothing Drop-Off Location for Sisterhood YXE’s upcoming event!

Sisterhood YXE is a not-for-profit organization that exists to spread hope and justice to our city of Saskatoon. In June they are hosting a Local Market and Closet Sweep. There will be live music, food and local vendors selling their products and a Closet Sweep where stylish, gently-worn clothes can be purchased.

All of the money raised from the Closet Sweep will be donated to two great initiatives in Saskatoon; RUH Mental Health Endowment and Hope Restored Canada.

How can you get involved?

For the month of April and May, Central Avenue Health Centre is collecting clean, stylish, gently worn clothes, purses and shoes. For those who wish to participate we are asking that they go through their closet and part with items that they would love to see a dear friend or family member wear. Those items can be brought to our office in Sutherland and placed in the Clothing Donation Box.

Our Office is located at 1400 Central Avenue, just north of the train tracks in Sutherland. Our Clothing Donation Box is located only a few steps from our entrance. You are welcome to park at the rear of the building and enter the office via the ramp. Please slip off your shoes if the weather conditions are unfavourable and place your donation into the box located to the right of our front desk staff.

Our hours are 7am-7pm Monday to Friday and 11am – 6pm on Saturday. Donations can be made any time our office is open.

Do you have a large donation to make?

If you will be bringing a large donation, feel free to call our office in advance and we can arrange for you to transfer them straight to our Sisterhood YXE representative.

We are so excited to be involved in this worthy cause and look forward to seeing the impact this has on our great city of Saskatoon.

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