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Meet Liam Kalinski, RMT


I love seeing the difference between when a client comes in and when they come out, how much happier or relaxed they are.”

Liam embarked on a transition to becoming a registered massage therapist during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was working in retail and had a lot of time off to think about what he really wanted to do in life. In particular, Liam wanted a job that was flexible and also allowed him to stay active. Massage was the perfect fit.

Training and Areas of Focus

Liam graduated from Axiom Career College and is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. While he’s done Swedish, hot stone, and relaxation types of massages, Liam tends to provide deeper, therapeutic massage, alleviating conditions like low back pain and posture-related discomforts due to sitting at a desk.

With therapeutic massage, Liam applies enough tone or pressure to affect the muscles in a way that will stimulate, fix, or reset whatever is going on with them. “If they have knots, you have to use more pressure and go in deeper so we can at least release them to give clients the release they need.”

A Collaborative Healing Approach

Working alongside our chiropractors, Liam enjoys being part of the multidisciplinary team at Central Avenue Health Centre. He’ll often recommend that clients see him before chiropractic care to loosen up their bodies first, so that the chiropractic adjustment can make a big difference. There are also times when the chiropractors suggest that a patient see Liam for a massage because their bodies are so tight.

Life Outside the Practice

Outside the massage treatment room, Liam enjoys biking and walking around the river on Saskatoon’s many paths. He also likes spending quality time with his friends and girlfriend and playing computer games. Spending some quiet time alone each day is also important to him.”I get that nice recharge of my brain resetting itself.” To recharge, Liam enjoys listening to music or engaging in art, such as drawing, painting, or graphic arts.

Originally from Calgary, Liam moved to Saskatoon when he was in grade 3. His favorite thing about the city is that it is a big, small town. “You feel like it’s big enough to explore, but you’re also familiar with almost everything that’s here.”

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