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Quit Smoking with the Help of Acupuncture

closeup of acupuncture neeedles on patientFor thousands of years, people have turned to acupuncture for issues such as back pain, headaches, fertility and more.

But did you know that it can help manage the cravings and withdrawals that come with quitting smoking?

Acupuncture is designed to help relax your body and reduce stress. Stress is one of the key components in triggering a craving or withdrawal from nicotine.

During an acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist will place several, thin needles along different channels in the body. After your treatment, our acupuncturist will place small, bandaged needles near the entrance to your ear. By applying slight pressure to these needles for 3 seconds, the cravings should pass. This is done to help combat cravings that occur once you leave the office.

Other Tips for Kicking the Habit

Are you trying to kick the habit? Here are a few other things you should consider doing to give yourself the best shot at long-lasting success:

  • Deep clean your car and home (if you smoke inside of them). Often the residual smell of cigarettes can cause a craving. By doing a deep clean of your house and car, you are reducing the likelihood of triggering a craving due to the smell. This means washing curtains, bedding, carpets and even sofas or chairs. It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s worth it!
  • Think about habits that accompany smoking. For example, if you’re used to having a cigarette with your morning coffee, switch to tea. Why? Because coffee is likely to trigger a craving for a cigarette. This doesn’t have to be a permanent switch, but consider making the change to begin with so you are less tempted should a craving strike.
  • Keep yourself busy. When you’re able to keep your mind off of smoking, you’re less likely to want a cigarette. Try picking up a new hobby like going to the gym, trying a new restaurant or starting a new book.
  • Distance yourself from friends or family members who smoke—at least initially. We aren’t talking about ending friendships, but the first couple of weeks will be the hardest. Who knows, you may even inspire them to quit!

Ready to give acupuncture a try? We’d love to see you in our practice and help you learn more about how this natural wellness therapy may help you on your journey to quitting smoking.

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