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Understanding Nerve Pain

person sitting on a couch with leg painHave you ever experienced nerve pain? There are many different sensations associated with nerve irritation: pain, heat, pins and needles, tingling and numbness. Nerves become irritated when there is pressure on them. Nerve pressure is typically caused by a misaligned bone in the spine, tight muscles or inflammation.

Some people turn to drugs. However, medication only numbs the sensation of nerve pain so your mind is tricked into believing the nerve irritation is no longer there. It is important to remember that you are experiencing this pain for a reason – something is causing the irritation! The pain will always resurface when you stop taking medication.

Another important element to understand is that the site of nerve pain might not be the site of nerve irritation. A great example of this is when the wrist is experiencing nerve pain. Some people believe they may have carpal tunnel syndrome (which is where the nerves of the wrist are being irritated as they pass through a narrow passage at the wrist). However, those nerves originate in the neck and are often irritated at the location where they leave the spinal cord.

How We Can Help

A natural, corrective approach to treating nerve pain is with chiropractic care and massage therapy. Chiropractors are able to analyze the spine, and identify bones that are out of place, (putting tension on the nerves.) These misalignments are called subluxations. Chiropractors are specifically trained to remove subluxations and restore proper nerve function. Massage Therapists target the muscular system and use a hands-on approach to loosen tight muscles caused by subluxation.

At Central Avenue Health Centre, our highly-trained team will specifically test the function of nerves through an sEMG Backscan. If you are experiencing nerve pain, mention this blog post and we will be happy to offer you or your loved one a complimentary Backscan. So instead of numbing the pain, contact us and we will help find the cause of the problem.


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