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Will My Muscles Feel Sore Following My Massage?

relaxing bath with candles and a bookMany people feel a bit sore after a massage, but it’s the type of soreness you likely experience after a workout at the gym. It’s actually beneficial to have some soreness, as that means any knots and muscle tension have been released.

If you experience some discomfort after your massage, it’s like the soreness you might feel after a vigorous workout at the gym. Massage triggers a release of lactic acid stored in muscles, which may create a temporary feeling of soreness.

A therapeutic massage targets the deeper muscles that may not be used regularly. The greater the pressure used during the massage, the more you’ll feel afterward. So a deep tissue massage will result in more soreness than a therapeutic or relaxation massage. We have some tips for minimizing any discomfort following your massage.

Soak Away the Soreness

Taking a warm bath after your massage can help alleviate any muscle soreness. If you’re experiencing any discomfort after your massage, we recommend you soak in a tub filled with warm water plus Epsom salt, which can help relax the body, relieve stress and alleviate muscle cramps. The water provides a full-body compression which also helps relieve muscle pain.

Drink Lots of Water

It’s always essential to hydrate after a massage. We recommend you drink anywhere from 3-6 glasses of water after your massage to help flush out all the toxins.


Stretching after your massage can help extend the benefits of your session. Specifically, massage can promote proper blood circulation, induce relaxation and increase flexibility.


Instead of completing a vigorous workout at the gym, consider engaging in light activities, such as stretching or walking. Light activity is a beneficial way to reduce soreness after a massage. After getting a massage, you shouldn’t engage in high-impact or physically taxing activities, which can make your body tired.

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